Most Popular Majors to Take in College 2022

By: Sophia Powell 

     According to, most people say you will be more successful by going to college after graduating high school, it has been proven to help most students better succeed in their careers. Since 2020, the year of Covid, the percent of high school students who move onto college has gone up 8% from 62.7% in 2020 to 71.3% in 2022. A majority of this percentage is composed of majors that have been quite popular this year. 

  1. Business – The most popular major at 6.57%, business. Business is the most infamous  because it gives students the knowledge and skill set that can be used widely across different roles and industries. It gives endless opportunities to students with people who have been trained to plan, organize, and manage an organization. Most people with business majors are prepared for jobs like sales reps., insurance agents, marketing coordinators, human resource staff and many more. To be a successful business major students should already have problem-solving, networking, and negotiating skills but these skills can also be learned in school. To earn a Bachelors business degree it requires two to six years of college.
  1. Medicine – The second most popular major at 5.99%, medicine/pre-medicine. With Covid-19 spreading students becoming doctors and nurses have been more common than years before. Students are interested in this major because it provides so many opportunities, not just in the U.S. but around the world. It is also a great way to help alleviate people’s pain and suffering especially in an emergency. Careers in healthcare are in high demand right now, even before they were in demand they have always offered high salaries which is most students main concern. Also, if you find a new cure for an illness or invent a new medicine then you can make double your money. Why a lot of students dont choose healthcare is because to earn a Bachelor’s degree it  requires at least 10-14 years of college. 
  1.  Psychology – The third most popular major at 5.36%, psychology. Most people take psychology because they’d like to learn more about human desire and how the human mind and behavior work. Psychology can also give students different career pathways such as, therapy/counseling, social work, mental health support, human resources, and many more. Students love this job because it’s amazing to be able to help make a difference in people’s lives.  But, becoming a psychologist won’t just help your patients/clients, it can also help improve your thinking skills and make you better understand yourself and your life. Getting a full psychology degree takes about four to five years of college.
  1. Biology – The fourth most popular major at 5.04%, biology. Now, studying biology can mean many things. You can study the origin of plants and animals, their characteristics, functions, processes, and behavior. Students with a curiosity of wanting to know the in-depth understanding of the natural world would really love biology. This major offers multiple different career paths like biological technician, biochemist, microbiologist, environmental scientist, and many more. Biology is important because it helps human-kind advance in medicine, agriculture, and biotechnology. This major requires at least four years of college. 
  1.  Nursing – Last but definitely not least, nursing at 3.89%. Nursing is not a very common career path but that does not make it any less important from any other major. When studying nursing you get a mix of everything, like, chemistry, psychology, anatomy, and physiology. Nursing is a good major because nurses receive a rewarding career with tons of grit, hard work, determination, and dedication. Nursing is important because they help with everything, they work in hospitals so they see many different things and clients. They learn new things everyday! Nursing degrees take about three years to acquire. 

In conclusion, there are many different things you can study in college, you can be whatever you would like, but it’s not just going to come to you. You have to work hard for multiple years to be successful. It is not easy but it is most definitely worth it.

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