Ukraine may reach neutrality with Russia

President Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president said he is willing to discuss the possibility of neutrality to end the war as soon as possible.  This comes after Biden was quoted saying that “Putin must be gone from office”.  The Kremlin found Biden’s statement frightening but Biden’s administration tried to correct it. Biden has asked for $7 billion dollars to go against Russian aggression and military spending.   But the next round of in-person talks between Russia and Ukraine is taking place in Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey is not the only country that has wanted to help stop the war.  China, Israel, and India have shown interest in mediating peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.  The good news is that Russian forces have supposedly stopped in several parts of Ukraine, including around Kyiv, according to the US military.  But even though there is a pause, evacuations are happening all over the city of Mariupol.  The mayor of Mariupol says Russia has control of most of the area.  

So far, according to the United Nations, more than 3.8 million people have left Ukraine since the war began.  Sadly half of them are children, and many are orphaned, even before the war.  Many have fled to Poland but many Ukrainian men have stayed to fight the Russians. The Kremlin spokesperson said that there will not be any nuclear weapons used to fight Ukraine.  Even though this promise is important, many deaths and bloodshed still occurred. There are thousands who have lost loved ones or gone missing. 

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