Supreme Court will Not hear Bill Cosby Case

On March 7th, The United States Supreme Court decided that they would not be hearing oral arguments for the nationally infamous ruling in favor of celebrity Bill Cosby after he was accused of sexual assault, drugging, and harassment.

The original ruling that the Supreme Court was appealed to rule on was issued by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which had found Cosby innocent due to a violation of his right to due process. Cosby’s second prosecution lead supposedly utilized information from his original conviction to gain an upper hand in the ruling, and the prosecutor of the court himself was “obligated to stand by his predecessor’s promise to not charge Cosby.” (Penn. Supreme Court Justice David Wecht). The court also called the subsequent arrest of Cosby “an affront to fundamental fairness, particularly when it results in a criminal prosecution that was forgone for more than a decade.”

Bill Cosby outside the Montgomery Court House (Brendan McDermid/Reuters)

Supreme Court Justices provided no comment on their rejection of the attempted appeal. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court originally stated that “Cosby believed he was operating under an immunity agreement offered by a prosecutor when the entertainer provided testimony that was damaging and led to his conviction ” in their official statement on the issue in their 2021 overturn of the decision. Prosecutors from Cosby´s 2018 case denied that any such deal had existed, although Bruce Castor—at the time district attorney of Montgomery County outside of Philadelphia—stated in a 2005 press release that he had decided to not prosecute Cosby.

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