Benefits of Eating Seaweed       

   By: Sophia Powell

Many people think that eating seaweed is gross and unsanitary, but it’s actually the opposite! Seaweed contains Iodine and Tyrosine which help support thyroid function. Your thyroid is a gland in your body that releases hormones, helps energy production, and contributes to the reproduction and repair of the damaged cells in your body. Seaweed is also a good source of Vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, E, and K. With a great source of omega 3’s and vitamins such as B12 

If you are hesitant to try seaweed, there are many reasons you should give it a try and maybe even incorporate it into your diet! Present in many popular Asian foods such as sushi, seaweed is a savory, simple and easy ingredient to incorporate in one’s diet. Not only is the crunch of seaweed chips satisfying, it’s great to use in many recipes as it provides many health benefits. Some benefits of seaweed include its large amounts of nutritions, aid in controlling diabetes, support in gut health, and protection of the heart. It also helps prevent diseases like parkinsons, alzheimers, dementia and can even aid in weight loss. Seaweed helps treat many diseases due to its large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, and high quantities of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. 

There are different kinds of seaweeds including brown, green, and red.  For example, Brown seaweed contains alginate, which helps suppress digestion of fat in the gut and can even regulate your metabolism! They all have different benefits but are all produced in the same way. The seaweed first grows in the ocean, it is then taken to facilities in places like China, Indonesia, and the Philippines and cleaned. After that, it is minced and blended into small pieces to create a mixture. The mixture is then poured into molds, then fan dried and sponge pressed in a drying machine to create tasteful snacks!

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