NFT’s are Making Millionaires Working offline

A 22-year-old Indonesian student named Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, who studies computer science at a university in Indonesia, made $1,000,000 last week selling NFT’s.  He called himself an accidental millionaire. NFT’s have been widely spoken about in the last two years, and the acronym . NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. That is still confusing, but non-fungible closest meaning is non-replaceable, and that could be anything digital created either by a human or a computer. They are unique digital items representing  ownership of real-world items like photographs. 

Sultan took a picture of himself every day for five years.  The reason he originally took the photos was to document his life as a student, working his way to graduation. It was an expressionless photo of himself sitting in front of his computer.  He decided to upload and sell his 933 selfies on the NFT trading platform OpenSea calling it “Ghozali every day”.  Ghozali initially priced them at $3.00 because he never believed anyone would want them.  But last week, one of his 933 was available for the equivalent of $806 after the demand shot up. His popularity grew after a celebrity chef saw them and then promoted him on his social media.  As of Jan. 21st, Ghozali’s photos had reached a total trade volume of 317 ether, equivalent to more than $1 million! He now has 16,000 followers on his Twitter.  He is grateful for his popularity, even though he is still confused as to why anyone would want selfies of himself, butandbut he will continue to take daily selfies until he finished school!!

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