Large Numbers of Employees are Calling Out Sick Due to Covid-19

By: Tricia Desroches

Due to Covid, many businesses are losing their employees. Many employees are calling out sick multiple times because they either have Covid or someone around them does. Also, if one employee gets Covid usually the whole business would have to be shut down temporarily. That could affect someone’s income. If an employer is making less money that means they have less money to pay their employees. Having a lower wage could drive employees away.

Businesses will have to shorten their hours because they do not have any employees to work during the regular hours. This could be very inconvenient for customers because they may not have time to go to the place before they close. If there are a lot of employees out in a company many tasks will either be left undone or they will not be done as well as they usually are. For example, some sweets at a bakery may not be made as well as they usually would be.

Hospitals have been very impacted by the shortage of staff. Hospitals do not have enough nurses and doctors to tend to the patients. Especially now with how full hospitals are with Covid patients. Hospitals are so crowded that they have to put beds for patients in places where patients usually aren’t nursed. 

Most businesses can’t function without their employees. Sometimes if a large number of employees leave permanently a business will have to shut down. Having a business shut down can affect a whole town. For example, if a grocery store in a small town shuts down the whole town would not be able to get groceries. The town would have to find other ways to get daily necessities. Having many employees out sick because of Covid has become a big problem that needs to be solved immediately.

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