President Biden Warns Russian President Vladimir Putin Not to Invade Ukraine

By: Tricia Desroches

On December 7, on a two-hour-long video call, President Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin that if he invades Ukraine, the United States and their European allies are prepared to take action. Putin has an estimated 100,000 Russian troops at the Russian and Ukrainian border ready to invade Ukraine.

This isn’t the first time Russia has caused trouble when it came to Ukraine, in 2014 the Russians invaded Ukraine. Biden is getting prepared for anything that can happen, Biden would send military troops to Ukraine if in a situation that is necessary. Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan told White House reporters, “If Russia invades, the Biden administration would impose strong economic measures, send military materiel to Ukraine, and beef up military support for NATO allies like the Baltics, Romania, and Poland.”

While looking Putin in the eye, Biden told him that unlike 2014 the U.S. is prepared now. People have said that it looks like Russia is going to invade Ukraine. If all of these threats actually go as planned, it will be a very tragic event, especially for the Ukrainians that live near the border. Most likely it will end in a war, which would cause a lot of devastation. 

Sen. Jim Inhofe said that Biden should be sending military troops with weapons as soon as possible because most likely Russia is going to invade. He said that Biden was too friendly with Putin, also that Biden should have been firm with him. Maybe if Biden was more determined to convince Putin not to invade Ukraine. If Putin gave his troops the order to invade that would make everything harder for everyone. 

Most likely other countries would get involved, which would cause relations between countries to change. For example, a country might lose a business partner because they are on opposite sides. Also, the United States might lose a big trade partner, which is China, because nine times out of ten they will side with Russia. So, more peace would be in action if the invasions stopped.

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