Haiti Kidnapping Crisis Getting Worse Day by Day

By: Tricia Desroches

In Haiti, the number of kidnappings is extremely high. Especially after the death of former President Jovnel Moise and the 7.2 level earthquakes. Experts are calling the situation in Haiti a kidnapping crisis. Recently the kidnappings have been worse than ever before. In the past years, it was bad but now it is even worse.

There has been a recent kidnapping where they have kidnapped 17 missionaries. They were captured by the gang ¨400 Mawazo.¨ None of them were Haitian, there were 16 Americans and 1 Canadian. They are asking for 1 million dollars per person. They were on the way home from helping an orphanage. 

There are times where you can just walk out of an airport and you would get kidnapped. Almost everywhere in Haiti, it is too dangerous to even walk out of your house. Most people can’t even go to work. Many children are stuck at home because either their school is closed or it is too dangerous. There are times when you can go out to get groceries or get everyday utilities. 

A lot of things that are affordable in the U.S., cost a lot of money in Haiti. So it is rare that someone will go out to get something or do something in Haiti. Some parts are not as dangerous, but you are always at risk. There are kidnappings every day in Haiti.

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