Haitian Migrants in the Texas Border

By: Tricia Desroches

President Biden´s administration is flying thousands of Haitians back home from the Texas border. The migrants passed through the Rio Grande. They slept outdoors under a border bridge.

There was a camp set up for the refugees. The authorities say that there are 10,000 refugees at the camp. They say that there are many more that are coming. Many Texas Department of Public Safety vehicles is blocking the bridge and river where the Haitians are passing. They are passing through Ciudad Acuna, Mexico.

There are many Haitians who have been traveling for years to escape the harsh conditions in Haiti. There has been a mass amount of gang violence in the past years. The death of the former president, Jovnel Moise, hasn’t helped at all. Many of the migrants lost everything they had in the 2010 earthquake. Then many more lost a lot in the earthquake on August 14, 2021.

The migrants walk through waist-length water with boxes of food and water. Many families have young children, they put the children before themselves. There are times where the migrants have to back to Mexico to get water. They travel a great distance, so they can get freedom. The trip is very dangerous and risky. They have to go through multiple foreign countries to finally reach the U.S. 

In foreign countries, there are many obstacles that migrants face. There could be robbers, murders, or you could get kidnapped. Traveling with young kids and elderly people in these conditions can be very dangerous. They feel like they have no choice but to take the risk. If they go back to their home country it might be worst for them.

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