KWHS Seniors Last First Day

After being out of school for seven months due to Covid-19, the Key West High School Class of 2021 was finally reunited for their last first day with a grand entrance. Although it was not how they expected their senior year to start, they definitely made the best of it. They all gathered together for senior breakfast at sunrise followed by an escorted trolley ride to the school. 

The theme of their entrance was “Throwback.” The entrencance was colorful, with balloons, spirited decorations, and a walkway of pictures. Each senior had a poster with a baby picture next to their most recent school picture. Underneath their pictures was a quote that was significant to them. Ryan Gage’s quote was “Yes, I am a girl named Ryan.” Nic Gonzalez’s quote was “There’s hope in dreams, imagination, and in the courage of those who wish to make those dreams a reality.”

It was truly a walk down memory lane and a mix of emotions knowing it was their last first day at Key West High School. Walking through the gates of the campus, seniors were met with popular throwback music provided by DJ Jimmy Cooper. 

Marie Willy, Senior class president, started planning this special day as soon as she found out we were able to go back to school in person. She stated, “After a long time of being separated from my classmates and teachers, it was bittersweet to be reacquainted.” She was ecstatic and relieved to finally see everyone in her class again. 

“In some ways, I felt as though nothing had changed once we came back, everyone reconnected with their same friend groups, and we still had our great teachers. But of course, in other ways, many things feel different this school year,” Sofia David, class Vice President. Although the seniors will face many setbacks this year, David is grateful to still have a senior year. As class Vice President she is excited for this year and to see all the amazing things her classmates will accomplish. 

Willy explains how over the years she has really seen her class come together as one,

from pep rallies to clash of the classes, to winning every homecoming skit. “The class of 2021 has endured trials and tribulations of many kinds, but we are persistent and will prevail with a positive attitude,” said Willy. As senior class President, Willy is looking forward to creating new memories and spending time with her classmates. The biggest challenge of this year is planning senior events that are safe and socially distanced. 

The class of 2021 would like to give a huge shout out to the students, parents, and their class sponsor Michael Tiereny for all their help and hard work in making this a memorable day. 

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