2016 Clowns Making a Come Back

Clown spotted staring at an individual on September 11th, 2020. Photo Provided by @hellboy20177 on TikTok.

On top of all the catastrophes happening in 2020, the 2016 Clowns, people dressed as clowns to terrorize and potentially hurt people, have made a comeback. Starting September 2nd, the first reappearance was in St. Louis, Missouri. 

Following after, there were also sightings on September 3rd in Dallas, Texas and September 6th in Atlanta, Georgia. Continuing, there was a video on September 11th of one standing under a street light gazing at a car, but the location was not shown. The reappearances have mostly been reported through the trending app, TikTok, getting millions of views per video. 

If you weren’t aware in 2016, the clowns usually came out of the woods during the night near roads or isolated areas. They could be terrorizing in a variety of ways, such as chasing children, running after people with knives or machetes, and stalking individuals. Adding on, they also created social media accounts to post threats behind the clown persona. 

“It seems as we get closer to Halloween, the clown scare just like every other creepy theme follows along. It dies down just as Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around the corner,” states Medium. 

Due to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, there have been fragile bonds between the police and the people. With the idea of defunding the police up in the air, that might open up some lineage for the 2020 Clowns to roam the streets more freely. Additionally, COVID-19 has also helped them find easy targets by having a few people on the streets. “With less people and less police it’s only plausible to believe so,” says Medium. 

Today in the “glorious” 2020, leaving the house without a mask on can be dangerous, so knowing that sinister clowns are roaming the streets could be considered life threatening. With all the bigger issues to deal with, I don’t know if we will have the time to fix this again. It just appears that everything is coming back around again, almost like a cycle that never ends. 

There’s nothing much that we can do about this situation, but wherever you go make sure you’re wearing a mask and staying safe. There is no better time than to be indoors right now.

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