Senior Night: KWHS Basketball Game

Senior night at KWHS for the basketball game was a very shocking, exciting, and overwhelming. Of course this night was to celebrate the senior basketball players and cheerleaders leaving our community the game was honestly insane. The boys basketball varsity team played this night on January 17, 2020 @ Marathon basketball team V.S Key West High School basketball team, Key West’s biggest rival in the keys. 

The game started off with the Key West High school coming off undefeated. This was such a tough game but Key West was not playing tonight. Had many of us jumping off our feets. But the first half or actually the whole game had many fowles, especially against Key West. Which actually made Marathon’s team catch up to them when it started to get close to half time. Marathon was really tough, but not as tough as key West. It’s senior night, it’s very much their last home game. They wanted to take this win, not lose. 

By the time it was half time, Key West High’s basketball team was ahead by about 20 points. The Key West’s high supports started to go wild after they put in a show topper, Reynoldy. He took the spotlight and everyone was screaming for him. Not to long after one the the team senior players dunked on other marathon teammates. I’ve never seen are Key West’s  supports go wild at a basketball game in so long. Of course it’s a home game and they wanted to show the other team, Marathon, what they’re working with. 

After all the excitement, Key West High basketball team won against Marathon, 64vs48. The seniors really did their job in this game, knowing it’s their last home again ever as a senior of the Key West High School, did their very best.

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