Reaching The Next Peak

In not even 250 years, America has passed every test that has come its way with flying colors. From the surprising victory in the Revolutionary War against Britain to the Civil War that pitted brother versus brother on the battlefield to the tensions the Cold War brought, America has overcome. Dominating in the global economy, leading in technological advancements, and being the cultural epicenter of the world easily proves this nation to be in its prime. Unmatched by any other, the United States of America is the main superpower in the world. When at the peak of a mountain, many take a deep breath, become taken aback by their stunning surroundings, and admire their own efforts in climbing their way to the top. However, what plenty of people do not realize is that there is a higher peak and that journey is even more difficult. Currently, America takes its place at the top, but there is another level this country must attempt to reach: unification. Although this nation dominates in economic, technological, and cultural aspects, there is one key aspect we have not yet dominated, unifying as a whole. 

Unification will bring this nation to true greatness. Photo provided by

This idea of unification is not new by any means. From the very beginning, there has been a divide in America. In 1787, James Madison warned the young nation of the dangers and inevitability of factions in his essay, Federalist No. 10. Anti-Federalists against Federalists, Republicans versus Democrats, whatever name is given to them, it seems that two groups have been fighting for centuries. As these political parties grow in power and animosity, they are slowly, but surely, ripping the quilt that is the United States of America apart by the seams. 

It would be odd if everyone in society shared the same ideals, goals, and values; however, not being extremely similar should not drive us apart. Personally, the best way for me to explain this topic would be to relate it to high school. My school is made up of plenty of different students. Some are tall, some are short. Some are Hispanic. Some are White. Some are black. Some are Asian. Some are wealthy. Some are poor. Usually, most of these people would not have mingled, but we have a force that brings us together almost every weekend in Fall, Friday night football games. Though we all come from different backgrounds, at the end of the day, we’re all under the bright lights in the stands screaming and hollering at the top of our lungs, cheering our team on. Each of us grins from ear to ear, overflowing with joy, as the team makes a touchdown.  We find that our school spirit unites us. As a nation composed of a variety of cultures, races, and ethnicities, it is nearly impossible for us to think exactly alike, but this diverse mixture of people is so American.   With a country filled with so many different individuals coming together, the nickname “the melting pot” is quite appropriate. Sadly, this ideology has seemingly been forgotten. The blend of all of the various backgrounds of the citizens of the United States has not been celebrated. Instead, it’s as if people choose to not even associate with one another any longer, simply due to political party affiliations. 

Nevertheless, in order to preserve what America is and represents, our differences must be cast aside and the American culture we share must be embraced for the good of each citizen, for the good of the country as a whole, and for the good of the world. Just as America has overcome the myriad of trials and tribulations throughout its history, we will overcome and reach our next highest peak.

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